Digital Pressure and Temprature Gauge XY-PG210
  • Digital Pressure and Temprature Gauge XY-PG210
  • Digital Pressure and Temprature Gauge XY-PG210
  • Digital Pressure and Temprature Gauge XY-PG210

Digital Pressure and Temprature Gauge XY-PG210

Pressure & Temperature Data; Optional Accuracy 0.05%FS Standby:3,600 H; Φ105mm
SS304 shell, Standard Accuracy 0.1%FS, Optional Accuracy 0.05%FS; Wield used in high precision pressure measurement

Typical Feature

  • 304 stainless steel frosted shell, dial diameter 105mm 
  • With 55X55mm LCD Display, dual pressure and temperature data
  • Accuracy level: Pressure 0.05%;0.1% (optional) Temperature 0.1 
  • Wield Absolute Pressure, Gauge Pressure and Vacuum Pressure
  • Powered by 3 pcs of AA Battery power, standby time 3,600 Hours
  • Record maximum and minimum pressure data
  • 10 pressure multiunit switching (MPa/KPa/PSI/BAR/Pa/MBar/mmHg/mH2O/Torr/kgf/cm²)
  • One key reset to Zero
  • USB and battery dual power supply
  • Strong media compatibility, water, oil, gas and other medium without corrosion in stainless steel

Digital Pressure and Temprature Gauge XY-PG210 Brief Introduction

XY-PG210 is a high precision Digital Pressure Gauge and Temperature Gauge, which is built-in high accuracy pressure sensor. It dually displays real-time pressure and ambient temperature data at short response time, the typical characteristics are high accuracy and excellent long-term stability.

The Digital Pressure Gauge has a 55X55mm LCD with 5-Digits display. There are 6 buttons on the front panel to control Reset, backlit display, Power On/Off, Unit converting, low voltage alarm, peak value recording, etc.

It is easy to install in Pipeline, Isolation tank or others connect device, easy to set up operating parameter. Working condition is -5-40 , it should be cold once working condition temperature more than 40.
It has 304 stainless steel and joint, can be used in measuring gas, liquid, oil and other medium without corrosion for stainless steel, at the same time its shock resistance is very good.

XY-PG210 digital pressure gauge is powered by 3 batteries (AA) or USB connector, with low power consumption and long duration. There are three pressure measurement types: Gauge Pressure, Vacuum Pressure and Absolute Pressure, machinal joint include Thread, Flush Diaphragm, Clamp, Flange, Radiator and Differential Two-way Fitting.

Digital Pressure and Temprature Gauge XY-PG210 Specification



Vacuum Pressure Range


Absolute Pressure Range


Composite range

(-0.1~0.1)MPa  (-0.1~0.25)MPa (-0.1~0.4)MPa  (-0.1~0.6)MPa (-0.1~1.0)MPa  (-0.1~2.5)MPa
(-2.5~2.5)(-5~5)kPa   (-10~10)kPa   (-25~25)kPa   (-50~50)kPa

Gauge Pressure Range

(0~160)kPa (0~250)kPa  (0~400)kPa (0~600)kPa (0~1)MPa (0~1.6)MPa ...(0~60)MPa

Micro-pressure Range

(0~2)kPa  (0~5)kPa   (0~10)kPa (0~25)kPa  (0~50)kPa  (0~100)kPa

High pressure Range

(0~100)MPa  (0~160)MPa  (0~200)MPa

Pressure Type

Gauge Pressure Test ,Absolute Pressure Test, Vacuum Pressure Test


Diameter Ф105

Overload Capacity

≤10MPa  150%; >10MPa 120%

Measurement Medium

Gas or Liquid with Compatibility of  SS 304

Accuracy Level

0.1%FS  0.2%FS  

Long-Term Stability/Year

Typical: ±0.1% FS;  

Operation Temperature

-5~40; -20_200 are customized

Compensation Temperature


Sample Frequency

0-10 times/Second


5 digits LCD, white backlit display



Data Record

EEPROM, with Peak value record

Power Supply

4.5V by Battery or USB

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Digital Pressure and Temprature Gauge XY-PG210

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