Pressure Transducer Transmitter

XUYAN Pressure Transmitter and Pressure Transducer Overview

As an automatic control manufacturing company, types of pressure transmitters and pressure transducers can be found in XUYAN. We have mass production capacity to meet customers' demand for general industrial application. Besides economic types and other kinds of pressure transmitters and pressure transducers are optional for certain industry application, such as absolute pressure, gauge pressure, vacuum pressure and differential pressure transmitter. We have rich experience in how to design an right pressure transmitter and pressure transducers base on our deeply understanding about pressure sensors application technology, right pressure sensor, optimized electric circuits design, and strong machining manufacturing capacity, so that we are able to produce huge quantity pressure transmitter and press transducers with stable quality and competitive cost. At the same time, professional highly innovative technology team support us to produce customized products by various requirement, even in hard work conditions.

Pressure Transmitter and Pressure Transducer Brief Description

There are different types of pressure transmitters and pressure transducers, including XY-PTG, XY-PTM, XY-PTH, XY-PTA, XY-PTB, XY-PTC, XY-PTW and other customized series; Pressure measurement type vary from absolute pressure transmitter XY-PTGA, differential pressure transmitter XY-PTDP, and hydraulic pressure transmitter XY-PTM; Pressure range from -100Kpa to 600MPa; Accuracy range from 0.15% to 1.0%; The measurement medium can be air, oil, water, liquefied gas(LPG); Power supply vary from battery, direct current voltage(DCV) to 380V alternating current voltage(ACV); Output single RS485, 4-20mA, 0-10V, HART; Electric connector method covers horseman, cable straight outlet, aerial plug; Machinal joint include thread, flush diaphragm, clamp, flange, radiator and differential two-way fitting; IP Protection Class IP65, IP67 and higher class are customized.

Typical Application of Pressure Transmitter and Pressure Transducer

  • General Industrial and Process
  • High Accuracy Absolute Pressure
  • Internet of Things filed
  • High Precision application
  • Sanitary Applications for Medical, Food and Beverage industries
  • Soil Stress
  • Small Diameter and Probe-Shaped installation
  • High-Frequency Response
  • Ink Corrosion Resistance
  • Water Pressure
  • Air Compressor
  • Air Conditioning
  • Explosion Proof High-Precision Industrial
  • Hydraulic Pressure