Pressure Transmitter XY-PTG1210
  • Pressure Transmitter XY-PTG1210
  • Pressure Transmitter XY-PTG1210

Pressure Transmitter XY-PTG1210

Explosion Proof High Precision Industrial Pressure Transmitter
Brass shell additional EPDM Seal Ring, optional IP65 and IP67 Ingress protection, applied to measure and control air condition or air condition system pressure

Typical Feature

  • Stainless-steel pressure connection joint 
  • Excellent anti-vibration and stability performance
  • Compound pressure range is optional, such as -100KPa ~ 3MPa
  • Wider Temperature Range -20 ~ 110 ℃, and -40 ~ 150 ℃
  • Customized structure diversification is available

Pressure Transmitter XY-PTG1210 Brief Introduction

XY-PTG1210 Pressure Transmitter is an Explosion Proof high precision Industrial Pressure Transmitter, designed for factory automation, equipment monitoring and control, used in experimental equipment, power station, chemical plant automation control, air transport equipment, air filtration monitoring equipment, oil, natural gas and other industries.

The Industrial pressure sensor is made of high quality piezoresistive components, standard flameproof casting aluminum shell, the excellent operational amplifier circuit design support its excellent stability, reliability and excellent anti-interference ability, it works well in all-weather environments, able to against variety of harsh environments, it is one of the lowest installation cost pressure sensors in the field of industries. At the same time the optional display table head is convenient set up on site.

XY-PTG1210 Explosion proof differential pressure transmitter has casting aluminum shell, IP65 and IP67 Ingress protection, and Safety explosion-proof, it is able to withstand harsh rugged application environments, powered by 15-36 VDC, typical 24 VDC, standard electrical signal output 4-20mA, voltage are optional; it's an absolute pressure, gauge pressure and vacuum pressure meter; measure range -100KPa~0~5KPa…60MPa….300MPa, other customized measurement range is available; Thoughtful specialized electric circuit design, accuracy 0.15%FS、0.25%FS、0.5 %FS; Long-Term Stability ±0.1%FS/Year.

Pressure Transmitter XY-PTG1210 Specification

Model  XY-PTG1210
General Pressure Range -100KPa~0…5…100KPa…1…5…10…25…60MPa
Absolute Pressure 0~5KPa…10…20…100.1000KPa
Pressure Type Gauge Pressure Test; Absolute Pressure
Dimension Reference Dimension Drawing
Measurement Medium Gas or Liquid with Compatibility of SS 316L
Overload Capacity 200%
Output Single 4-20mA; Voltage are optional
Power Supply 9-32VDC (Typical 24V)
Operating Temperature -30-85oC
Compensation Temperature -20-80oC
Zero Temperature Drift Typical: ±0.02%FS/oC
Sensitivity Temperature Drift Typical: ±0.02%FS/oC
Load Resistance ≤[(U-16)/0.02A] Ω
Vibration Error ≤±0.01%FS (X, Y, Z 200Hz/g)
Accuracy 0.15%FS,0.25%FS,0.5%FS
Long-Term Stability/Year Typical: ±0.1% FS/Year
EMC EN50081-1; EN50082-2; IEC61000-4-3
IP Protection Class IP65; IP67
Explosive-Proof Class EXIA Ⅱ CT5

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Pressure Transmitter XY-PTG1210

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