Air Conditioning Pressure Transducer XY-PTA
  • Air Conditioning Pressure Transducer XY-PTA
  • Air Conditioning Pressure Transducer XY-PTA

Air Conditioning Pressure Transducer XY-PTA

Common Electronic And Mechanical Connections, Offer Customized Types
Brass shell additional EPDM Seal Ring, optional IP65 and IP67 Ingress protection, applied to measure and control air condition or air condition system pressure

Typical Feature

  • Stainless-steel pressure connection joint 
  • Excellent anti-vibration and stability performance
  • Compound pressure range is optional, such as -100KPa ~ 3MPa
  • Wider Temperature Range -20 ~ 110 ℃, and -40 ~ 150 ℃
  • Customized structure diversification is available

Air Conditioning Pressure Transducer XY-PTA Brief Introduction

XY-PTA air condition pressure transducer is designed for air condition and air condition system, with good moisture resistance and excellent media compatibility, dedicated to air condition pressure measurement and control. It is integrated with digital conditioning chip to compensate the deviation, sensitivity, temperature drift and non-linearity of the sensor. It has such outstanding characteristics as high integration, small size, high accuracy, good consistency, strong anti-interference ability, fast response, low power consumption and wide temperature range.

XY-PTA Air-Condition Pressure Transmitter has optional stainless steel, brass shell and EPDM Seal Ring, optional IP65 and IP67 Ingress protection, powered by 5V or 9-32 VDC, standard electrical signal output 4-20mA by 2-Wire cable, measurement range 0-1MPa and 0-1.6 MPa are standard type with stock, others customized measurement range are available, Thoughtful specialized electric circuit design, accuracy 0.2% FS, 0.5% FS, 1.0 % FS; Long-Term Stability ±0.25%FSO/Year.

Machinal joint include thread, flush diaphragm, clamp, flange, radiator and differential two-wayfitting.

Air Conditioning Pressure Transducer XY-PTA Specification

Model  XY-PTA
General Pressure Range 0-1Pa…10Pa…30Pa…100Pa
Pressure Type Gauge Pressure Test 
Dimension Diameter Ф21
Measurement Medium Freon, airand  liquid  with Compatibility of  Stainless steel or Brass
Seal Ring EPDM
Chemical Seal  Cerammic Al2O3
Overload Capacity 150%
Output Single 4-20mA 0-5V/0.5-4.5V
Power Supply 8-30 VDC 5V
Medium Temperature -20~85℃  -20~125℃ 
Ambient Temperature -20~85℃  -20~125℃ 
Compensation Temperature 0~80℃  
Zero Average Temperature Coefficient Typical: ≤±0.2/10K
Range Average Temperature Coefficient Typical: ≤±0.15/10K
Electronic Load RA≤(UB-8V)/0.02A
Insulating Strength  >10MΩ @500VDC excitation 
Accuracy  0.2%FS,0.5%FS,1.0%FS
Long-Term Stability/Year Typical: ±0.25% FSO/Year
CE Anti-interference performance
Connect Joint 7/16-20UNF
Electronic Connector Packard; Binder, others are optional
IP Protection Class IP65,IP67

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