Pressure Controllers & Regulator

XUYAN Digital Pressure Controllers Overview

XUYAN digital pressure controllers are electronic controllers which quickly and automatically output control single based on supply pressure. They were designed for pressure measurement and automatic control to simplify automatic system design and components, they are integrated with digital pressure gauge, pressure comparison, alarm and signal output function within one device; they have special shape, simple contact way and setup easily, additional their control stability and high accuracy, XUYAN digital pressure controllers were applicated in many industries and process control.

Pressure Controller Brief Description

We named 7 models digital pressure controller currently, but they are much more than these numbers consider the optional pressure measurement range, accuracy and connect joint types. Their key differences are output way, size, measurement range, installation method and shell materials;

The XY-PCX00 series digital pressure switches output by single relay, integrated pressure measure, pressure data display and pressure control, with Low-pressure close and high-pressure break, or High pressure make low pressure break they have diameter 60mm, 80mm and 100mm for options;
The XY-PCX00Z digital pressure switches are designed for axil installation application on site.
The PC800 is an economical type with engineering plastic shell and stainless-steel joint.
XY-PC800V intelligent negative pressure controller, also known as a negative pressure switch, vacuum switch, integrated with negative pressure measurement, display and control in one of the intelligent control instruments.

Pressure measurement type can be absolute pressure, gauge pressure and vacuum pressure test, general pressure measurement range from -100KPa to 160MPa, and offer customized ones.

Typical Application of Pressure Controllers