Digital Pressure Transmitters XY-PTGR
  • Digital Pressure Transmitters XY-PTGR
  • Digital Pressure Transmitters XY-PTGR

Digital Pressure Transmitters XY-PTGR

Low Power Consumption, Output RS485 For Internet Of Thing (IoT)
High frequency dynamic pressure measurement, such as military engineering, chemical explosion experiments, oil exploration and well test, Scientific Experiments about materials, mechanics, civil engineering, rock mechanics, trauma medicine, hydraulic power and mechanical test

Typical Feature

  • High frequency response and high dynamic measurement of the natural frequency, range up to 1MHz
  • Pressure measurement range 0-50Kpa,0-1 Mpa,0-200 Mpa
  • Strong anti-interference ability
  • Long-term stability 
  • High frequency response range
  • Wide passband and operating temperature range
  • Flush diaphragm design to eliminate the cavity effect, so that the sensor frequency response is very high
  • Customized structure diversification is available.

Digital Pressure Transmitters XY-PTGR Brief Introduction

XY-PTGR Digital Pressure Transmitters is a low power consumption vacuum pressure transducer, specially designed for the Internet of Thing, such as fire water pipe network, water supply, heating, etc. The supply power is 3.3V~5V, and maximum operating current should be lower than 2mA.

Stainless steel shell and laser-welded construction, IP65 ingress protection, and safety explosion-proof design allow this vacuum pressure transmitter/transducer to withstand harsh rugged application environments. This product also has excellent performance such as high precision, fast response, small size, light-weight, stable and reliable, strong overload capacity; The IoT pressure transmitter can be applied in most medium, such as air, oil, water and other fluid; RS485 and 0.5-2.5V or 0.5-2.0V standard electrical signal output; Measurement range -100KPa~250MPa, other measurement range is optional. Thoughtful specialized electric circuit design with low power consumption digital pressure transducers, but high accuracy 0.25%;0.5%; Long-term stability ±0.02%/FS/Year

XY-PTGR Digital Pressure Transmitters machinal joint include thread, flush diaphragm, clamp, flange, radiator and differential two-way fitting.

Digital Pressure Transmitters XY-PTGR Specification

General Pressure Range 0-50KPa,0-1MPa…200MPa; -100KPa~0
Pressure Type Gauge Pressure Test 
Dimension Diameter Ф27
Overload Capacity 200%
Measurement Medium Gas or Liquid with Compatibility of  Silcon
Frequency  ≥200KHz(Measure range≥1MPA ); ≥50KHz(Measure range≥50KPA )
Output Single  0~5VDC,0~10VDC 
Power Supply 9-32VDC (Typical 24VDC)
Accuracy  0.25%, 0.5%
Long-Term Stability/Year Typical: ±0.1% FS/Year, Maximum ±0.2% FS/Year
Zero Temperature Trift Typical: ±0.02%FS/℃;  Maximum ±0.05%FS/℃
Sensitivity Temperature drift Typical: ±0.02%FS/℃;  Maximum ±0.05%FS/℃
Reverse Voltage Protect, (RVP) >15S
Mechanical Life ≥5Million Pressure Cycle 
Operation Temperature -20~85℃ 
Compensation Temperature -20~80℃ 
Load Resistance ≤[(U-6.6V)/0.02A] Ω
IP Protection Class IP65; IP67

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Digital Pressure Transmitters XY-PTGR

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