Pressure Sensor

XUYAN Pressure Sensor Overview

XUYAN have the key technology of pressure sensor, which is our company first step. Till now we only keep one series pressure sensor to service previous customers, most of them are customized by different requirement for various industries.

Pressure Sensor Product Brief Description

The sensors apply piezoresistive ceramic pressure sensor technology. They are micro pressure sensor, which can be used for air, water, oil and other liquids measurement. With small size and packaged by ceramic, it is suitable for kinds of working stations. They are designed for special application with multi-varieties. XUYAN has realized strict quality control of its multiple variety and small batch production.

They are components of pressure transmitter and pressure transducers, digital pressure gauges and pressure switch, pressure controller. We use the piezoresistive effect of bonding or formed strain gauges to detect strain due to applied pressure, resistance increasing as pressure deforms the material, then they convert non-electric physical quantities such as gravity, pressure, liquid level and material characteristics into electrical signals or directly send physical quantities such as pressure and liquid level to pressure transmitters, pressure gauges..., because Pressure Sensor's output is 0~20MV, the electrical signal is too weak to be received by other received device, so it was amplified and output standard electrical signal by kinds of pressure measurement device.

Typical Application of Pressure Sensor

As a base element to sense the gravity, pressure, level, temperature and humidity in our real world, they replace us or it's a very helpful extension of our capacity. It is used in all kinds of industries after they are made to measurement device.

XUYAN offer custom pressure sensor for our customer when they have some special requirement based our knowledge for pressure sensor and its application, but it's not mass production. For laboratory, colleague, scientific research institutions, or small company working on designing or manufacturing pressure measurement meter, XUYAN is a good choice for you.