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Programmable Linear Position Detcetion IC

High-speed programmable current detection chip specially developed for current detection applications

Typical Feature

  • With external ferromagnetic core (ferrite, silicon steel, nickel iron), it can be designed to sense 0~1000A and above current applications
  • With a dedicated programmer, the user can conveniently customize the sensitivity programming (0.707~22.624mV/Gs) according to the actual current range
  • Recommended applications: photovoltaics, electric welding machines, uninterruptible power supplies, high-power inverters, etc.

Programmable Linear Position Detcetion IC Brief Introduction

Product details

Output volatge is proportional to the magnetic filed intensity, and it will be up or down according to the magnetic field polarity and intensity. The magnetic field intensity change can reflect corresponding physical position change, the relationship between the output voltage and the sensed magnetic field polarity and intensity can change with practical application online programming.

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