Magnetic Switch IC

XVYAN's magnetic switch position detection IC is an analog and digital mixed signal integrated circuit, which outputs high-level and low-level switch signals and calibrates a magnetic field to determine the threshold. Therefore, it can be used to detect the accurate position of the measured object. These "on-off" switching devices are widely used in various applications requiring position detection, such as safety belt detection, anti pinch power window direction and travel judgment, shifter position detection and other applications, which replace the automotive electronic system of mechanical switch; Home consumer applications such as Bluetooth headset wake-up / sleep detection, air conditioning wind speed detection and feedback; Industrial application fields such as cylinder stroke limit and liquid level detection, as well as commutation detection of various brushless DC motors.

These switch position sensors are not only easy to select and use, but also have the characteristics of small shape, low power consumption, high sampling frequency and low cost, which can help customers effectively improve the miniaturization and reliability of the system.