Pressure Switch Types

XUYAN digital Pressure Switch Overview

XUYAN digital pressure switch was designed for pressure measurement and automatic control to simplify automatic system design and components, they are integrated with digital pressure gauge, pressure comparison, alarm and signal output function within one device; they have a special shape, simple contact way and setup easily.

Pressure Switches Product Brief Description

We named 12 models currently, but they are much more than these number consider the optional pressure measurement range, accuracy and connect joint types. Their key differences are output way, size, measurement range, installation method and shell materials;

Such as the XY-PS700 series are Mechanical Pressure Switches and mechanical deformation trigger micro-switch, its stainless-steel shell and Pressure diaphragm, to keep they are installed easily, working stably and long mechanical life, wield applied in automatic system and mining machinery. They don't need power supply and suitable to explosion-proof area.

The XY-PSX28 series digital pressure switches output by a dual relay, two relays can work separately to meet complex control, they have diameter 60mm, 80mm and 100mm for options;
The XY-PSX28Z digital pressure switches are designed for axial installation application on site.
The PSX28 has optional 4-20mA and RS485 output single, they are common single in current automatic system communication protocol;

Pressure measurement type can be absolute pressure, gauge pressure and vacuum pressure test, general pressure measurement range from -100KPa to 160MPa, and offer customized ones.

XY-PS828 is an economic type with high performance engineer plastic shell and stainless-steel joint, IP65 protection, wield used in Water treatment systems, pumps and compressors, electromechanical automation equipment, construction machinery, medical equipment, agricultural equipment, test stands, hydraulic and pneumatic systems

Typical Application Of Pressure Switches