Differential Pressure Transmitter XY-PTDP
  • Differential Pressure Transmitter XY-PTDP
  • Differential Pressure Transmitter XY-PTDP

Differential Pressure Transmitter XY-PTDP

High Precision Differential Pressure Industry Measurement Applications
With specialized intelligent compensation technology, it is widely used in various industries precision pressure measurement, such as high-frequency dynamic differential pressure measurement, small fixed size and micro pressure work station, liquid flow, pressure container level, leak detection, filter and pump.

Typical Feature

  • Compact size, easy installation and light weight
  • High accuracy, high stability, high cost performance
  • Continuously adjustable measurment range 
  • 2-wire 4-20ma standard signal output, HART other optionla Modbus
  • Excellent EMI
  • Strong overload pressure capacity

Differential Pressure Transmitter XY-PTDP Brief Introduction

XUYAN XY-PTDP differential pressure transmitter/transducer is with 4~20 mA electronic output signals, alternative HART and other output signals. Combined with intrinsically safe design and explosion protection, it is suitable to industrial measuring requirements, such as differential pressure measurement for flow measurement, monitoring liquid level, indicate filter and pump pressure.

The differential pressure transmitter/transducer has stainless steel shell and laser-welded construction, optional IP65 and IP67 ingress protection. Safety explosion-proof design makes it able to withstand harsh rugged application environments. It has good performance such as high precision, fast response, small size, light weight, stable and reliable, strong overload capacity. The diaphragm seals fitted to suitable for harsh process condition. Measurement ranges from 0~0.6Kpa; 0~2.5Kpa; 0~6MPa, which almost covers any application. Stainless steel shell and laser-welded construction can be used in most medium of industry. The digital display is optional.

XY-DP1310 differential pressure transmitter/transducer has excellent isolation technology, special dual plug; the stable check valve protects static pressure, and has high Reverse overload level, built-in diffused silicon sensor, it is used in high frequency dynamic differential pressure measurement.

XY-DP1320 differential pressure transmitter/transducer is fitted out decompression valve, especially can be applied in the small fixed size and micro pressure work station.

XY-DP1330 differential pressure transmitter/transducer has intelligent compensation technology, stable long-term performance, thus it is used in liquid flow, pressure container level, leak detection, filter and pump.

Differential Pressure Transmitter XY-PTDP Specification

Gauge Pressure Range 0~0.6KPa;0~2.5KPa;0~6MPa
Operation Pressure 1MPa (Measurement Range<6KPa);
6.4MPa (Measurement Range<10KPa);
Pressure Type Gauge Pressure Test, Absolute Pressure Test
Measurement Medium Gas or Liquid with Compatibility of SS 304 or SS316
Accuracy 0.1%FS; 0.25%FS;0.5%FS
Long-Term Stability/Year ±0.3%FS/Year
Zero Temperature Trift Typical: ±0.03%FS/℃; Maximum ±0.05%FS/℃
Sensitivity Temperature Drift Typical: 0.03% FS / ℃; The Biggest: 0.05% FS / ℃
Response Time ≤2ms
Operation Temperature -40~85℃
Compensation Temperature -20~80℃
Environmental Temperature -40~100℃
Power Supply 9~32VDC
Power Sensitivity Maximum 0.01%FS/V
Signal Output 4~20mA, HART or Others
Load Resistance ≤(U-6.5)/0.02A Ω
Insulation Resistance > 100 m Ω 500 VDC incentives
Vibration Resistant ≤±0.01%FS (X, Y, Z Axis, 200Hz/g)
Mechanical Life >108 Times
Electrical Connections DIN; Cable Outlet; Circular Connector
IP Protection Class IP65; IP67

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