Pressure Measurement

Types of Pressure Measuring Devices

XUYAN Pressure Measurement Equipment Overview

XUYAN focus on pressure measurement products design and offering pressure measurement solutions for wielding industries and process. After working with customers from varies industries successfully, XUYAN has rich design and manufacture experience in pressure sensor, pressure transmitters and transducers, digital pressure gauges; Based on our rich experience in various customer requirement from kinds of industries, we have excellent product design ability that all these products adopt precision electronic pressure sensor and optimized circuit, under strict manufacturing process and quality control with stable performance. XUYAN also provides professional solutions to customers from various industries, such as medical equipment, fire protection, oil and gas…

Pressure Measurement Products Brief Introduction

There are different types of pressure measuring devices including pressure sensor, pressure transmitters and transducers, pressure gauges; Force collector types from Ceramics pressure sensor to piezoresistive ceramic pressure sensor are all available; Pressure measurement technology include absolute pressure, vacuum pressure, differential pressure, measuring accuracy 0.05% to 0.5%, measuring range from -0.1 to 600MPa; Output signal can be RS485, 4-20mA, 0-5V,0-10V,0.5-4.5V; HART and wireless pressure measurement equipment can be customized; With battery, 12-24VDC power supply, and others optional voltage; Different size pressure transmitters' shell diameter and dial plate are available. General shell material is stainless steel for corrosion environment and sanitary requirement, with the Intrinsically safe explosion-proof design for special work condition.

Typical Application of Pressure Measuring Devices

Pressure measurement instruments
are applied in various industries and process for measuring, monitoring and data collection. They have huge advantages than mechanical pressure measurement meter, such as good vibration resistance, vertical fitting needless, little zero temperature drift, high overload pressure, short response time, high fatigue durability, rich unit display, and with record… Also its digital data is easy to read.

XUYAN pressure sensor, pressure transmitters and transducers, digital pressure gauges can be set up in: