Digital Pressure Controller XY-PC910
  • Digital Pressure Controller XY-PC910
  • Digital Pressure Controller XY-PC910

Digital Pressure Controller XY-PC910

4-Digits LED, Φ80mm Plastic Shell; One Relay, Output Signal NONC; Set Alarm Point In Whole Measureme
Intelligent Pressure display and control, alternative for Mechanical Pressure Switch and Gauge together, wield in Industry applications such as Automatic System, Mobile Working Machines, Medical Equipment, Pump, Compressor, Energy and Water Treatment, Agricultural Equipment, Test System, Hydraulic System and Pneumatic System

Typical Feature

  • Stainless steel 304 shell, dial diameter Ф100mm
  • 4-Digits LED Display, 
  • Multi-unit convert MPa/Kgf/cm2/PSI
  • Accuracy level:1.0%FS
  • Power supply 12 or 24VDC; Optional 220VAC
  • Relay output signal NONC
  • High precision, quick response time, stable and easy setting up

Digital Pressure Controller XY-PC910 Brief Introduction

XY-PC910 is an Intelligent Micro Digital Pressure Controller, with 80mm diameter Plastic shell, integrating pressure measurement, display and control function. It has a variety of excellent functions, such as one-button reset, Multi-pressure Unit Converting and it's easy to reset setting, adjusting and installation.

This series of digital pressure controller has one relay, which can be set up normally open and normally closed; these alarm points to control high and low pressure of air or liquid, in addition, it is with one key reset, at the same time, calibration, shifting display unit, setting return difference and other option functions.

The intelligent pressure controller is equipped with high-precision instrument amplifier to amplify pressure signal, built-in temperature compensation sensor, is the high precision equipment for detecting and monitoring pressure,strong anti-electromagnetic interference (EMI), surge protection, reverse protection and so on.

XY-PC910 Intelligent Digital Pressure Controller can be widely used in Automatic System, Pump, Compressor.

Digital Pressure Controller XY-PC910 Specification

Model XY-PG900E
Gauge Pressure Range 0…0.2…0.6…1.0…1.6…2.5…5…10…25…40…60…100…160MPa
Mirco Pressure Range 0~5…10…25…50…100KPa
Vacuum Pressure Range -100~0KPa
Overload Capacity ≤100Bar  200%; >100Bar 150%
Measurement Medium Gas or oil or other Liquid with Compatibility of SS 304 or 316
Accuracy Level 1.0%FS;
Long-Term Stability/Year Typical: ±0.5% FS;  
Sampling frequency 5times/second
Alarm Point Any pressre @whole measurement range
Output Relay; NONC
Relay Capacity 220VAC 5A; 24VDC 5A(able to drive <750W Motor)
Electric protection Short-circuit protection; Reverse connect protection; EMC
Display 4 digits LED
Operating temperature -20~80oC
Compensation -10~60oC
Power Supply 12/24VDC or 220VAC and 380VAC are optional

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Digital Pressure Controller XY-PC910

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