Pressure Switches are Classified into Normal Open and Normal Closed Modes

Pressure switch is a commonly used pressure instrument, which has certain application in many industries such as industry, chemical industry, petroleum, aviation, aerospace, ship, machinery and so on. There are two main types of pressure switches, normally open and normally closed. The working principle of the normal open pressure switch is similar to that of the normal closed pressure switch, and it has many characteristics. Today, Shanghai Xuyan Precision Technology Co., Ltd. will introduce the characteristics of normal open and closed pressure switches.

Basic knowledge of pressure switches:

1. The elastic elements used in pressure switch are (single coil spring tube), (diaphragm), (diaphragm box) and (bellows) etc.
2. There are two switching modes of pressure switch, i.e. normal open mode and normal closed mode.
3. The working principle of the pressure switch is that when the measured pressure exceeds the rated value, the free end of the elastic element (displacement) is driven directly or after comparison (switch element), and the on-off state of the elastic element (switch element) is changed to achieve the purpose of controlling the measured pressure.
4. The parameters of pressure switch can be adjusted according to the actual pressure range.
5. Pressure switch is a simple (pressure control device). When the measured pressure reaches the rated value, the pressure switch can send out (alarm or control) signals.
6. There are two kinds of pressure switch regulation modes (two-way mode) and (three-way mode).

The characteristics of pressure switch:

1. Pressure switch is a pressure sensor with high precision and stability, which highlights the strong sealing. This sealed stainless steel sensor has high safety and is very reliable for users.
2. The working principle of pressure switch is mainly the function of insert group. This kind of insert wire connection can be selected arbitrarily by users.
3. Pressure switches adopt British pipe threaded quick joint or copper pipe welded installation structure. It has the characteristics of flexible installation and convenient use, so it does not need special installation and fixing in use and installation.
4. Pressure switches are highly sensitive to pressure, and can also be specially manufactured according to different pressure requirements. User selectivity has become widespread, which is why pressure switches are widely used.

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