Popular Science: Automatic Pressure Control Switch Acts Smart, Controls Pressure Start and Stop----Bicycle Electric Pump

When our bicycle tires are flat, we need to use an inflatable device to inflate the tires. Previously, artificial inflators were used, but now more and more bicycle repair points have electric air pumps. We just need to press the head of a long pipe on the air nozzle of the bicycle and it will fill up in a few seconds. Sometimes when we are inflating, we are frightened by the sudden sound of a motor. A closer look reveals that the other end of the pipe is connected to a pneumatic compressor. We inflate with a tube to make the pressure in the pressure vessel of the air compressor decrease. The motor of the air compressor is started to ensure the pressure of the gas in the container. But we didn't see anybody start up the compressor! Why does the air compressor work by itself? In fact, there is no mystery, but there is an automatic pressure switch on the air compressor to control the power supply of the motor of the air compressor.

In fact, this kind of automatic pressure control switch has been used in many devices. The refrigeration compressor in the household refrigerator will start or stop the air compressor according to the temperature in the refrigeration chamber, but there is only one additional device in the refrigerator that reflects the temperature through the pressure. In industrial production, many constructional tools need to use air compressors, such as pneumatic drills, vibration rods and so on. Many of these devices use diesel engines to move the compressor, and automatic pressure control switch can be used to adjust the throttle size of the diesel engine to control the gas pressure in the compressor container.
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