Good Project: New Ionization Vacuum Meter-New Breakthrough in Low-Temperature Extreme Vacuum Pressure Measurement Technology

Immediate problem:

At present, measuring pressure in a cryogenic vacuum system is always a technical challenge, because it must produce and maintain high vacuum pressure.(P≤10-11).

Market Opportunities: In today's market, ionization vacuum gauges measure the pressure by ionizing gas molecules and measuring the number of ions (currents). Its measurement vacuum is over 10-8 Pa, which is widely used in the field of high vacuum to ultra-high vacuum, with excellent quantitative performance.

Project Profile:

Based on the geometric model of traditional thermionic cathode ionization vacuum gauge. The electric heating wire will be removed.
Vacuum pressure measuring instrument is separated from the shell of the vacuum gauge, and the electrons in the vacuum gauge are put back into the room temperature environment.

To some extent, it can be installed in a low-temperature vacuum environment.

Product advantages:

The heat transferred into the cryogenic system can be reduced to a minimum by emitting electrons from the hot cathode.
In a low-temperature environment, the thermodynamic balance of the new ionization vacuum gauge is not disturbed.
With appropriate electronic optics, the electron beam can be injected into any complex and conductive vacuum chamber equipment.

Development status:

Under the condition of low temperature and vacuum, experiments were carried out in the beam tube of particle accelerator by means of vacuum pressure measuring instrument and thermal separation of electrons.


Vacuum engineering/cryogenic engineering/measurement technology
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