The Installation of Temperature & Pressure gauge

1. The Installation of the bulb The bulb of temperature & pressure gauge should be inserted into the medium under test. If installed on the pipeline, half of its length should be in the central line of the pipeline, and it should be installed vertically from top to bottom. If the tested medium is strongly corrosive to the thermoclad material, the thermoclad material should be packaged in the protective sleeve.

2. The Installation of capillary Capillaries should be installed away from heat or cold sources, be straightened, not bent.

3. The Installation of the indexing section 
  • The height position of the indicating part should be in accordance with the position of the temperature chamber, otherwise, it should be adjusted to zero. 
  • The ambient temperature should be stable, not less than 5 ℃and above 60 ℃. 
  • The surrounding environment should not have a large amount of dust and corrosive atmosphere to the instrument. 4. Instruments should not be installed in strong vibration occasions. Shock absorbers should be installed. Temperature & pressure gauge is simple in structure, shock-proof and can be measured over a long distance, but it is difficult to repair after damage, and it can not measure the temperature of the point and the surface temperature. It can generally be used to indicate or record the temperature of various fluid media in thermal equipment.
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