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Programmable Current Detection IC

No need to calibrate linear displacement detection IC

Typical Feature

  • The change in the intensity of the magnetic field can reflect the change of the corresponding physical position, and the relationship between the output voltage and the polarity and intensity of the induced magnetic field is fixed.
  • It has the advantages of simple application and low cost of use

  • Recommended applications: handheld pan/tilt, accelerator pedal, sewing speed controller, off-axis encoder, etc.

Programmable Current Detection IC Brief Introduction

Product details

With external ferromagnetic cores (ferrite, silicon steel, nickel iron), the IC can be designed in application of sensing the current from 0 to 1000A or even higher. According to the output of the detected current magnetic field and the output voltage proportional to it, the user can easily customize the sensitivity (0.707~22.624mV/Gs) according to the actual current range with the special programmer.

Working principle

Product list

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