Application of High Precision and High Resolution Small Pressure Sensor in Medical Infusion Pump

Clinically using infusion pumps infuse patients with controlled doses of liquids, drugs or nutrients. The pressure required to properly control fluid depends largely on whether it is inserted into veins, subcutaneously or arterially. In order to ensure correct measurement, the company recommends the use of high-precision, high-resolution sensors. Miscalculation can lead to serious complications and even death, so it is one of the most critical stress applications in the medical industry. In order to ensure correct medication, the company recommends the use of small high precision pressure sensors, which can monitor the infusion pressure, make the infusion pump to control the injection speed more precise and stable, and can monitor the infusion process, greatly reducing the amount of manual operation.

The infusion pump system consists of a computer system, a driving mechanism, a detection device, an alarm device and an input and display device. The detection device consists of pressure and infrared sensors. SM5G and SM4x21 series of small high precision pressure sensors sense the pressure signal of the infusion pump. After amplification, the pressure signal is sent to the computer system for signal processing, and the control instructions are obtained. Then the corresponding control operation is carried out to maintain the pressure required for infusion. In the infusion pump, the small high precision pressure sensors can monitor the liquid pressure in the infusion tube so as to control the flow rate of the liquid. When the pipeline of the infusion pump is blocked, the sensor can detect the sudden change of pressure and alarm. The small pressure sensors is a high reliability, high sensitivity and miniaturization sensor. Its accuracy is 1%-FS. It can accurately detect the infusion pressure of infusion pump. It has two measuring configurations of surface pressure and differential pressure. It has obvious advantages.
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