Temperature Measurement

Low Voltage Low Power Series

Suitable for position detection where high sampling frequency and low power consumption need to be balanced

Typical Feature

  • 3V~24V working voltage
  • The working current is as low as 1mA under the condition of keeping the sampling frequency of 25K
  • The chip can work in an environment of -40~150, and maintain good performance and consistency
  • Recommended applications: electric curtains, miniature brushless DC motors, automotive electric suction doors, etc.

Low Voltage Low Power Series Brief Introduction

Product details
This series of ICs are manufactured in BCD process with integrated Hall sensing element. They offer features such as wide working supply voltage (3V~24V), reverse voltage protection, overcurrent protection and excellent temperature stability. The ICs can work from -40℃~150℃, and still maintain good performance and consistency.
Product list

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