Magnetic Angle Encoder IC

  • Magnetic Sensing Element
  • SOP-8
  • Magnetic sensor element based on anisotropic magnetoresistance (AMR) technology.
  • Servo/stepping motors, steering wheels,etc.
  • Low Speed Magnetic Angle Encoder IC
  • SOP-8, QFN-16 (3×3mm)
  • Integrated high-precision AMR sensing element and dedicated decoding processing chip.
  • PTZ, steering gear, robot joint control, stepper motor control, etc.
  • High Speed Magnetic Angle Encoder IC
  • SOP-8, TSSOP-16, QFN3×3-16L
  • The latest generation of high-performance magnetic angle encoder IC.
  • Closed-loop stepper motor control, industrial servo motor control and other high-performance fields.
  • User Programmable Angular Position IC
  • single channel SOP-8 and dual channels TSSOP-16 (Safety Redundancy)
  • Output programmable magnetic angle position chip developed for the automotive market.
  • Automobile throttle, accelerator pedal, EGR valve, car shifter, etc.

XVYAN’s plane angle detection IC is a magnetic induction technology based on anisotropic magnetoresistance (AMR), which realizes high-precision relative position and 0~360° absolute position measurement. Our patented technology can protect the coded position sensor from the influence of external stray magnetic field and achieve a more stable and lower system cost solution. It can replace absolute or incremental optical sensors and other magnetic and inductive technologies, potentiometers, or magnetic switches to provide a wide range of rotation angle solutions for industrial, medical, robotics and consumer fields.

XVYAN’s plane angle detection IC includes five series of products. The magnetic induction element is used as the magnetic induction element for system integration developers to collect angle signals. The low-speed magnetic angle coding IC is used as a low-cost solution for low-speed low-resolution systems with a resolution of less than 1000 lines and less than 3K/rpm. The high-speed magnetic angle coding IC is less than 16384 lines, Reliable solution for high-speed and high-resolution systems below 120K/rpm.

Online programming angle IC can provide 0~360° programmable analog linear or PWM output, and has passed automotive electronic reliability certification. At the same time, we also provide a single-chip solution for off-axis detection off-axis magnetic angle coding IC.

Magntek can also provide technical support services such as magnetic field simulation, supporting magnet selection and samples, so that customers can improve design efficiency and quickly realize mass production of the project.