Mechanical Pressure Switch XY-PS700
  • Mechanical Pressure Switch XY-PS700
  • Mechanical Pressure Switch XY-PS700

Mechanical Pressure Switch XY-PS700

Compact Size, DIN Output Connector; Maximum Stroke 90times/Second
High impact resistance and High repeatability, adjust alarm point, wield in Industry applications, especially automatic equipment and mining machinery

Typical Feature

  • Compact size, Adjustable Alarm Point
  • Setting range 0.2~600Bar, Maximum over press 1230Bar
  • Accuracy level 0.2%FS
  • Optional Stainless steel, Brass and galvanized material
  • High impact resistance and High repeatability

Mechanical Pressure Switch XY-PS700 Brief Introduction

XY-PS700 Mechanical Pressure switch, work only by mechanical deformation, No power supply needed for switching of electrical loads, when the force impact on the pressure-sensitive components to make mechanical deformation, the pressure switch will move up through the mechanical structure such as balustrade spring and finally trigger the micro switch at the top, then output electrical signals.

XY-PS700 series mechanical pressure switch has stainless steel shell and pressure sensitive diaphragm, it is used easily, stable working, and with long mechanical life, about 1 Million cycle service life.

The control point can preset before delivery or set up on site by accessory kit, they are wield used in kinds of industries, especially for automatic equipment and mining machinery and others application of machinery pressure control and protection.

Mechanical Pressure Switch XY-PS700 Specification

Model XY-PG700
Gauge Pressure Range 0.2…1…10…25...50Bar…300Bar(Maximum)
Overload Capacity >300 Bar(preset pressure 0.2~50Bar); >600 Bar(preset pressure 50~400Bar);
Measurement Medium Gas or oil or other Liquid with Compatibility of  SS 304 or 316
Accuracy Level 0.25%FS;
Long-Term Stability/Year Typical: ±0.2% FS;  
Motion Backlash 10%~15% by measurement range
Maximum Stroke 90times/Second
Electric connect point Silver plating
Relay Capacity 220VAC 5A; 24VDC 5A
Display 4 digits LED
Operating temperature -20~85oC
Joint materal Stainless steel, Copper, zinc plating steel
IP Protection Class IP65

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Mechanical Pressure Switch XY-PS700

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