Company Profile

Company Profile

Shanghai XuYan Precision Technology Co., Ltd. focus on research and development of pressure measurement and pressure control products, providing industry application solutions in the market. We have know-how for pressure measurement technology, providing technical services about project plan, system design, implement and after-sales service, and we suggest the optimum solution to maximize customer benefits.

We are able to design and manufacture pressure sensor chip, intelligent measurement and control products. Xvyan also supports customer for pressure, temperature, liquid level and other industrial applications, providing pressure measurement, pressure control, temperature measure, temperature control, liquid level measurement and level control terminals, software, and system accessories. We work with research institutions together for advanced measurement and control technology, and worked with customer together to get innovative products and application technology.

Follow with our culture "Innovation, Creation, Share; Active and Quick, Circumspect and Flexible, Communicate and Cooperate; Work for Company, Customers and Family; Self-Fulfillment and Help Others, Spread Truth, Goodness and Beauty." Xuyan service you worldwide!


  • Kinds of Standard Products
  • Flexible Customized Products
  • Comprehensive System Solutions
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Advanced Technical Support
  • Thorough Project Management

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