Temperature Measurement

Fully Integrated Current Detection IC

Low-cost, high-precision current detection scheme IC

Typical Feature

  • The chip integrates a built-in magnetic circuit, and the user can directly connect the chip in series with the current loop under test
  • Without complicated peripheral circuits, an AC and DC current (0~±50A) isolation detection scheme with a dielectric strength of 2400Vrms can be realized
  • Recommended applications: photovoltaics, uninterruptible power supplies, frequency converters, servo systems, etc.

Fully Integrated Current Detection IC Brief Introduction

Product details

Because of the integrated magnetic circuit in the chip, the user can connect the chip directly in series with the measured current loop. Can realize an AC/DC current (0~±50a) isolation detection scheme with 2400vrms dielectric strength without complicated peripheral circuit. The chip is factory calibrated for sensitivity and static (zero current) output voltage, providing a typical accuracy of less than ±1.5% over the full temperature range.

Working principle

Product list

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