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Pressure Control Products

XUYAN Pressure control products Overview

Pressure switch
is a switch and controller close the electrical contact once its input pressure of fluid reached a certain set point, it was widely used in industry and process to automatically monitor and control the system.

XUYAN digital Pressure Switch and Digital Pressure Controller with pressure sensor and internal circuit to compare the measured pressure with a set point, at the same time with pressure data display, it means a digital pressure gauge additional one or two relay output, they have obvious electronic pressure sensor advantage such as high accuracy, quick response time and low repeatability error.

Digital Pressure Switches Product Brief Description

These Digital Pressure Switches have below common characteristic:

  • Stainless steel shell and fitting are suitable to measure air, oil, water and other liquids without non-corrosiveness;
  • With LED display is easy to read the pressure data, at the same to tracking the pressure change.
  • Power supply include 12/24VDC power supply, even Alternating 110/220/380VAC by customers' different requirements.
  • Output signal can be RS485, 4-20mA to transmit the signal long distance, the switches have dual relay to complete multi-switch task by independently normal open contact or normal close contact.

Digital Pressure controller Product Brief Description

The digital pressure controllers have very similar with digital pressure switch expect output single, the controller only have one relay output. They have XY-PC600, XY-PC800 and XY-PC900 basic types

Typical Application of Pressure Control Products