Temperature Measurement

Pressure Sensor XY-S18C

Dual Relay, Output Signal NONC; Set Alarm Point In Whole Measurement Range
Micro Pressure Sensor for air, water, oil and other fluids measuarement

Typical Feature

  • Small Size 
  • Modular Product 
  • High Stability and Performance long term
  • Vacuum to 200 Bar 
  • Resistant ceramic capacitive Technology

Pressure Sensor XY-S18C Brief Introduction

Pressure Sensor XY-S18C is a Capacitive ceramics sensor for general industrial applications, with small size diameter Ф18, height is upon pressure range, pressure measure ranges from 0~2 bar,0 ~5bar, 0~10bar, 0~50bar, 0~100bar, 0~200bar and other extensive range options, the advantages of rich range option, small size and modularity make the Ceramic Capacitive technology applicating in many industries broadly.

Besides the multiple standard products, XUYAN also provides customized adaptations for customers requirement. XY-S18C Ceramic Capacitive Pressure Sensor incorporates the latest generation sensing elements. Design and manufacture withstand harsh environments, with excellent performance for EMI protection, outstanding shock and vibration, after test case by case successfully, its longevity and lifetime performance and high quality are recognized in the market.

Pressure Sensor XY-S18C Specification

Model XY-S18C
Pressure Range 0-2bar...0-200bar
Dimension Diameter φ18, Height is upon pressure range 
Excitation 2.5...30Vdc,Max 
Bridge Impedance 11KΩ±30%
Full Scale Output 3mV/V,Type
Operation Temperature -40~135℃ 
Residual Temperature Effects(Zero+Sensitivity) ≤±0.03%FS/℃ ≤±0.04%FS/℃
Combined Error(Linearity+Hysteresis) ≤±0.3%FS
Humidity Range <95%RH
Zero Offset ≤±0.2mV/V
BurstPressure: 2-4 Times of Rated Pressure

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Pressure Sensor XY-S18C

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