Semiconductor Industry

Buoyancy level gauge

Measurement technology on the highest level

The basic requirements for measuring instruments in semicondctor industry are Leak-tightness, high purity, corrosion resistant, and accuracy , at same time to meet SEMATECH and SEMI standards.

XVYAN provide kinds of solutions about pressure measurement in chemical, gas, and solvent supply systems. Depend on our innovative product design, the surface of the product has no electrostatic induction and is easy to clean,so shorten set-up and maintenance times .

As for hazardous areas, to meet the appropriate laws and directives, we offer instruments accord to ATEX and/or FM certified designs.

Application examples

  • Gas distribution systems (gas sticks, gas panels, bulk-gas supply)
  • Ultra high purity water supply
  • Liquid chemical supply
  • Level measurement of liquid gases and solvents