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User Programmable Angular Position IC

Output programmable magnetic angle position chip developed for the automotive market

Typical Feature

  • It can provide programmable analog linear or PWM output of 0~360°, and also supports SPI or single wire (OWI) communication mode
  • Analog linear output supports up to 4 point programming and high and low clamping voltage programming, suitable for various harsh environment angle control scenarios
  • Recommended applications: automobile throttle, accelerator pedal, EGR valve, shifter, etc.

User Programmable Angular Position IC Brief Introduction

Product details
XY6501 is an output programmable magnetic angular position IC developed for the automotive market. XY6501 provides a programmable analog linear angle output from 0 to 360°or PWM output, and an SPI or OWI (One Wire Interface) communication interface. The analog linear output supports maximum 4 user-programmable points and high/low clamping voltages, suitable for a variety of complex angle control applications. XY6501 is AECQ-100 qualified. It can withstand a DC high voltage of ±30V from the power supply to ground, and can withstand a DC high voltage of 18V from the output to ground. In addition, it has a powerful output drive capability and overcurrent protection. XY6501 is available in a single channel SOP-8 and dual channels TSSOP-16 (Safety Redundancy) package.*For related technical support documents, please refer to the [Technical Support] page.

Working principle

Product list

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