Pressure Transmitter XY-PTGA
  • Pressure Transmitter XY-PTGA
  • Pressure Transmitter XY-PTGA

Pressure Transmitter XY-PTGA

Absolute Pressure, Accuracy 0.1%FS, Suit Online Measurement
Optional Accuracy 0.1%FS;0.25%FS;0.5%FS; Full seal stainless steel structure, applicated in outdoors application, especially for work condition hard, which is hard to verify.

Typical Feature

  • Measurement Range 0~5KPa…10KPa…100KPa……1MPa……100MPa
  • High-Precision accuracy 0.1% FS
  • Temperature stability index 0.01%/FS/ 
  • Wield suitable medium, even corrosion and easy crystallize medium
  • Stainless Steel material with fully sealed structure
  • Automatic check for long-term online measurement
  • Customized structure diversification is available

Pressure Transmitter XY-PTGA Brief Introduction

XY-PTGA high precision absolute pressure transmitter/transducer is a new type of absolute pressure sensor developed by XUYAN precision. As an absolute pressure measurement device, this product has high precision, fast response, small size, light-weight, stable and reliable, strong overload capacity.

XY-PTGA absolute pressure transmitter/transducer is designed for most medium, such as air, oil, water and other fluid; 4~20mA and 0~5VDC standard electrical signal output with remote transmission alternative; Measurement range: 0~5KPa, 0~10 KPa, 0~100 KPa, 0~1 MPa, 0~100 MPa, other measure ranges are optional. Thoughtful specialized electric circuit design; after ultra-high precision absolute pressure calibration equipment calibration; Accuracy cab be 0.1%; Temperature stability index can be increased to 0.01%/FS/℃  by using sensor temperature self-compensation and specialized circuit debugging.

Machinal joint include thread, flush diaphragm, clamp, flange, radiator and differential two-way fitting.

Pressure Transmitter XY-PTGA Specification

Model XY-PTGA-100 XY-PTGA-200 XY-PTGA-300
Pressure Range  0-5KPa,0-10KPa  0-30KPa,0-100KPa 0-100KPa,0-100MPa
Pressure Type Absolute Pressure Test
Dimension Diameter Ф27
Overload Capacity 200%
Measurement Medium Gas or Liquid with Compatibility of SS316
Integrated Accuracy 
(Non-Linear,Repetitive, and Delayed)
0.25%FS   0.5%FS
Long-Term Stability/Year Typical: ± 0.1% FS;  Maximum ±0.15%FS/Year
Zero Temperature Trift Typical: ±0.01%FS/℃;  Maximum ±0.15%FS/℃
Operation Temperature -40~135℃ 
Compensation Temperature -20 ~ 80℃  
Environmental Temperature -40 ~ 85℃
Power Supply 9~32VDC(Typical 24VDC)
Signal Output 4~20mA/0~5V
Load Resistance ≤(U-15)/0.02 Ω
IP Protection Class IP65; IP67

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Pressure Transmitter XY-PTGA

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