Digital Pressure Gauges - How They Work

Digital Pressure Gauges - How They Work

Digital pressure gauges measure the pressure within a system in a special manner. They convert the pressure to an electronic signal and show the data by digital display, furthermore the signal can be used to control equipment or communication with other device according to same protocol. Digital gauges in comparison with analog ones have a higher accuracy and longer lifetime. You can review the details specification in http://www.xvyanprecision.com/

Working principle

Digital pressure gauges make use of pressure sensors to convert pressure to an electronic signal. Different types of pressure sensors exist, but the most commonly used is a piezoresistive pressure sensor. This sensor consists out of a diaphragm that is equipped with piezoresistive elements. The medium pressure causes

the diaphragm to deflect, this deflection causes a change in cross-sectional area of the piezoresistive elements that is directly coupled to the electrical resistance. For a more in depth explanation please read our sensor http://www.xvyanprecision.com/products/pressure-sensor/

Why choose a digital over an analogue pressure gauge?

Next to a higher level of measurement accuracy digital pressure gauges offer options that are not available for analogue ones. A few examples of possible options are:

· Lower cost than Borden gauge at same accuracy

· Longer life than other gauge, so they have better total cost for application.

· Backlighting: If pressure readouts are needed in dark conditions this options proves to be a great solution. Backlighting ensures that you are able to read the display in every lighting condition.

· Min/Max values: This option provides better analysis of the set pressure in a system.

· Bargraph display: The bargraph display shows the trend of the measured pressure. You can for example easily see if the pressure has an increasing, decreasing or steady trend.

  • Battery powered: This ensures that the pressure can be read in case of power outage.
  • Rotatability: Most digital pressure gauges allow for the display unit to be rotated to a large degree (e.g. 300°)

Digital pressure gauge accuracy

The accuracy of digital pressure gauges is expressed as a percentage of the measurement span. The accuracy of these gauges is combined from its non-linearity, hysteresis, End value deviation, zero offset and span error. For a detailed explanation please review our introduction video http://www.xvyanprecision.com/services/video/

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