Temperature Measurement

Low Voltage High Speed Series

Using BCD process, integrated Hall sensor elements in the chip

Typical Feature

  • 2.8V~24V working voltage, equipped with reverse voltage protection and overcurrent protection
  • 400KHz sampling frequency
  • With excellent temperature compensation, the chip can work in an environment of -40~150 and          maintain good performance and consistency
  • Recommended applications: electric bicycles, electric vehicles, etc.

Low Voltage High Speed Series Brief Introduction

Product details

This series of ICs are manufactured in BCD process with integrated Hall sensing element. They offer features such as wide working supply voltage (2.8V~24V), reverse voltage protection, overcurrent protection, 400KHz sampling frequency and excellent temperature stability. The ICs can work from -40~150℃, and still maintain good performance and consistency. Recommended applications: electric bicycle, electric scooter, etc. Dual Output Type: With two Hall-sensing elements with a fixed spacing integrated on the same die, this type of IC generates 2 switching signals with a phase shift, which can be used to detect not only the speed but also the direction of the moving target.

Product list

Low Voltage High Speed Series Specification

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