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Magneto-Resistive Switch Series

Magnetoresistive one-dimensional induction switch and magnetoresistive two-dimensional induction switch

Typical Feature

  • By cooperating with magnets, non-contact position detection is performed
  • Recommended applications for magnetoresistive one-dimensional induction switches: industrial cylinder stroke position detection, flow counting of smart water meters and gas meters, and anti-magnetic attack detection, etc
  • Magnetic resistance two-dimensional induction switch: Recommended applications: industrial liquid level position detection, smart meter anti-magnetic attack detection, etc

Magneto-Resistive Switch Series Brief Introduction

Product details

Magneto-Resistive Switch Series This series of ICs are manufactured in CMOS or BCD process with integrated Anisotropic Magneto-Resistance (AMR) sensing element. They operate over a variety of supply voltages and offer a variety of sensitivity levels.
Product list
1D AMR Switch

                                                                                                  2D AMR Switch

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