Pressure Transmitter

Pressure transmitter data collection and transmission are composed of pressure transmitter, temperature transmitter, signal processing, microprocessor (usually single chip) and wireless transmission circuit. Pressure and temperature transmitter obtains the pressure and temperature values of the surrounding environment. Some of the signal processing includes the preceding channel, programmable expander and A/D converter. Its function is to acquire and expand the analog signal of the transmitter under the control of the program, and carry out analog/digital conversion. Microprocessor acts as the operation of some devices in the control system and processes digital signals. Under the control of microprocessor, the wireless transmitting circuit is encoded and processed by the encoder, and transmitted by the transmitting module. Data acceptance consists of wireless acceptance circuit, microprocessor and flash, which accepts data from radio under the control of microprocessor. When a group of pattern data is accepted, the decoder in the admission circuit decodes the pattern data to obtain the pressure information of the environment at that time, and then flashes the pressure information on the LED admission panel.

Hardware completion

Pressure transmitter

The pressure transmitter is a silicon piezoresistive pressure transmitter with temperature-sensitive diode, which is encapsulated in a specially manufactured metal case and connected with the peripheral circuit by a multi-core cable. The four resistors of the pressure transmitter constitute the bridge circuit, which is driven by a 1 mA constant current source. The temperature-sensitive diode is used to check the ambient temperature to supply some temperature parameters of the single-chip computer. As a pressure transmitter manufacturing company, Shanghai Xuyan Precision Technology Co., Ltd. has the best product and professional sales and technical team. The company has developed rapidly. We provide our customers with the best products, good technical support, sound after-sales service, all kinds of pressure transmitters are sold abroad all the year round. If you are interested in our company's product services, please call for advice.
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