Summary and Working Principle of Digital Pressure Gauge

Digital pressure gauge is an on-line measuring instrument. It uses battery long-term power supply mode, without external power supply, easy to install and use. The product has passed the metrological certification and has been widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, electric power and other fields. The digital pressure gauge has high precision and stability, with error less than 1%, internal power supply, micro power consumption and stainless steel shell. Digital pressure gauge has strong protection, beautiful and delicate.

The working principle of the digital pressure gauge is described below.

Power supply part: (AC 220V through switching circuit, converted to) the required DC voltage, and then through the regulated circuit to supply the required circuit, or (24V) DC voltage directly through the regulated circuit to supply the required circuit. Signal part: The measured medium pressure is transmitted to the pressure-sensing diaphragm of the sensor through the pressure interface. The sensor amplifies and V/A converts the induced electric signal to the CPU for processing, setting display digital, controlling switch output, and providing analog or digital output to realize the process of pressure display, control and transmission.

Main technical index measurement range: -100-0-100 kPa 0-0.1-60 MPa accuracy: +1,0.5% FS sampling time: 1-5 seconds display: 4-bit LCD power supply battery: 3.6V/2Ah industrial lithium battery, continuous use of more than 5 years of environmental conditions: temperature: -20-50 C humidity: 90% RH overload capacity: 200% FS connection thread: M20 *1.5 or according to user requirements to the structure shell material: 1C18Ni9Ti panel Glass + inner PVC mask pressure tube material: 1C18Ni9Ti

Characteristics of Digital Pressure Gauge

Low power consumption, high accuracy and high definition digital liquid crystal display; Small size, easy operation, easy to use in site calibration and precision pressure measurement;

Intelligent Calibration, Linear Repair, Two-second Pen Induction Zero-setting

LCD display has the function of dynamic pressure value display and visual display of pressure percentage.

Pressure units: up to ten pressure units (optional) of mmH_2O mmHg psi kPa MPa Pa mbar bar It can display dynamic change curve of on-line pressure measurement and peak recording function (optional); 

Various additional functions. For example, RS486 interface output, 4-20mA output, 0-5V output, data instant messaging output USB interface, storage function (optional);

Power supply: a built-in lithium battery No. 5 can be used for 5 to 7 years; or rechargeable lithium batteries (including chargers); or 220V AC power supply

Classification of Digital Pressure Gauges

According to the accuracy of digital pressure gauge: precision digital pressure gauge (0.05 level) (0.1 level) (0.25 level) general digital pressure gauge (0.5 level)

According to whether or not remote transmission is divided into: on-site display digital pressure gauge with remote transmission digital pressure gauge

According to performance: intelligent digital electrical contact pressure gauge intelligent digital pressure recorder digital pressure gauge

According to the installation mode, it can be divided into radial digital pressure gauge and axial digital pressure gauge with edge.

According to the control form, it can be divided into local digital pressure gauge and remote digital contact pressure gauge.
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