Sentinel of Science and Technology on Pipeline-Wireless Digital Pressure Gauge

The improvement of science and technology level promotes the rapid development of all walks of life of railway. The introduction of new technology makes our work more efficient and convenient. Hankou Water Supply Workshop in Wuhan Housing Construction and Living Section has such a group of small "sentinels" - remote wireless digital pressure gauges, constantly monitoring the water supply network of Hankou Station. Once the pipeline equipment fails, it can immediately "ventilate" to the workshop team, which is a good helper for the railway water supply work. The number of water supply pipelines in Hankou water supply to the workshop is as long as 50 kilometers, while the water supply station for Hankou station has only one pressure display of the outgoing water, which cannot monitor the water pressure of each water points in the real time.

Once the pipeline network fails, it is difficult to locate the fault point accurately in the first time, which not only delays the effectiveness of emergency repair, but also causes a lot of waste of water resources. In order to further improve the safety and reliability of water supply in Hankou Station, a remote digital pressure gauge was installed in the Hankou Water Supply Workshop last year. These "sentinels" constantly monitor the "health status" of water supply equipment on 11 passenger trains in Hankou Station. From water supply station to Hankou Station, from water hydrant on passenger trains to platform fire hydrant, pressure gauges transmit real-time water pressure data of "sentinels" of pipeline network to attendants through wireless network and mobile phone APP. New technology brings new efficiency. Hankou Water Supply Workshop combines digital communication with traditional water supply service, which makes full use of the functions of real-time transmission, data analysis, daily statistics and monthly report statistics of small "sentry" pressure detection, which greatly improves the management efficiency, eliminates the hidden danger of water supply safety in Hankou Station and provides strong technical guarantee for water supply service during the Spring Festival Transport.
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