Basic Knowledge of Industrial Pressure Switches

Industrial pressure switch is a device which combines with electrical switch. When the preset fluid pressure is reached, the switch contacts act. It is mainly used to output alarm or control signals on industrial equipment such as power plants, petrochemical and metallurgical industries. It has an important use in the industrial field. It can prevent the damage of important equipment in production engineering and avoid the occurrence of major production accidents.

Main sensitive elements of pressure switch

Bourdon tube characteristics: ordinary pressure switches are made of such sensitive elements, mainly stainless steel, phosphorus bronze, etc., with a wide range of measurement. The measuring range of pressure switch ranges from 10 Pa (CL12) to 100 MPa (JM11) Bellows features: durability and vibration resistance are better than Boden tubes, and the adjustable range of interruption difference is large. The main materials are stainless steel, phosphorus bronze, etc. The price is relatively high, but the range of measurable pressure is relatively small, the maximum is 15 MPa (CB33) 2.3 diaphragm.

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