Notices for Selection of Corrosive Liquid Pressure Level Measurement Sensor

Measuring principle of corrosive liquid level sensor: extreme short microwave pulse with very low energy is transmitted and received through antenna system. Radar waves travel at the speed of light. Running time can be converted into level signals by electronic components. A special time extension method can ensure stable and accurate measurements in a very short time. Even if the working conditions are complex and there are false echoes, the echoes of the level can be accurately analyzed by using new microprogramming technology and debugging software.

Selection of pressure transmitters for corrosive and viscous liquids: Flameproof or intrinsically safe electric pressure transmitters or pneumatic pressure transmitters should be selected in explosion or dangerous situations. Differential pressure transmitter is suitable for the measurement of minute pressure and minute negative pressure. Flange pressure transmitter should be used for viscous, easy crystallization, solid particles or corrosive media. When taking measures such as filling and isolating fluid, blowing or flushing fluid, the general pressure transmitter should be selected. The corrosive liquid level sensor is suitable for vessels, tanks and silos with complex process conditions, and is not affected by the changes of physical characteristics of the medium under test. External measurement and two-wire technology are suitable for explosion-proof occasions. Non-contact and continuous measurement pulse level gauge has a large measuring distance of 35m.
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