Analysis of Verification Software for Pressure Calibrator

In the field of pressure calibration, there are mainly pressure controllers, precision pressure gauges, intelligent digital pressure calibrators and so on. Pressure controller is the equipment that provides pressure source. According to the medium of pressure transmission, it can be divided into two kinds: air pressure and hydraulic pressure. According to the degree of automation, it can be divided into manual pressure calibration platform, electric pressure calibration platform and automatic pressure calibration platform. When choosing software configuration, manual pressure tester is equipped with manual pressure tester software, electric and automatic accompanying full automatic pressure tester software.

Generally, according to the requirements of the metrological verification rules, the pressure verification software needs to have the following basic functions.

(1) Compatible with common digital pressure instruments. The instruments mentioned here include pressure gauges, pressure sensors, pressure controllers, pressure switches and so on.
(2) Automatic acquisition of equipment information.
(3) Can cooperate with the calibration equipment to achieve pressure verification.
(4) Implementing data processing and printing functions.

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