Precision Pressure Transmitter and Pressure Sensor Precision Machining Technology

As the basis of other high-tech implementation, precision machining is an advanced manufacturing technology which meets the needs of modern high-tech. The development of precision machining has also promoted the development of machinery, hydraulic pressure, electrons, semiconductor, optics, sensor, measurement technology, and material science. Generally, according to the processing accuracy, mechanical processing can be divided into three stages: general processing, precision processing, and ultra-precision processing. At present, precision machining refers to the processing technology of 1-0.1μm, Ra0.1-0.01μm.But this limit is changing with the progress of processing technology. Today's precision processing may be the general processing of tomorrow.

The problems to be solved are as follows: first, processing accuracy, including shape and position tolerance, dimension accuracy and surface condition; Second, the processing efficiency. Some processing can achieve better processing accuracy, but it is difficult to achieve high processing efficiency. Ultra-precision machining is a process of micro-cutting material to obtain extremely high shape accuracy and surface finish by utilizing the relative motion between parts and cutters with strict constraints on ultra-precision machine tools. Currently, ultra-precision machining refers to the processing technology that the dimension accuracy of machined parts is higher than 0.1μm, the surface roughness Ra is less than 0.025 μm, and the resolution and repeatability of positioning accuracy of machine tools are higher than 0.01 μm. It is also known as sub-micron processing technology and is developing to nano-scale processing technology. Ultra-precision machining includes micro-processing, ultra-micro-processing, finishing cut, final finish, and other processing technologies. At present, the technology of pressure transmitter and the pressure sensor is also moving towards higher precision manufacturing gradually.
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