Medical Gas Distribution

Hospitals and other healthcare facilities require many kinds of gas and gas mixtures, they were supplied to various parts of facility through supply systems, these gasses are oxygen, medical air, nitrous oxide, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, medical vacuum,waste anaesthetic gas disposal (us) or anaesthetic gas scavenging system (iso), including oxygen supply system, compressed air supply system, vacuum supply system, most hospital built the plant by themselves to meet stable supply.  Whole medical gas distribution system required more pressure measurement, pressure control to morning the system run station and control it. 

Such as the compressed air supply system, the compressor need pressure control (most of them are 400Kpa), XUYAN XY-PC910 is very good solution for compressor, it can stop the pump when air storage tank pressure higher the preset pressure and start the pump once the pressure low preset value, the digital pressure gauge XY-PG200 can show the pipeline and air receiver pressure by digital number and same time with Record maximum and minimum pressure data, powered by battery. If you have special requirement for measure compressor temperature, XY-PG210 is able to test both of them in one gauge.